Universe of "MATAMA"

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Artist's Statement:  

"Matama Beach”  

This series of photos have been taken at the Matama Beach located in Bunngo-Takata, in Oita, a place where I have attempted to capture it's ephemeral evening atmosphere.  

This beach is renowned for its sunsets but is rarely visited. Most of the time remaining very quiet and discreet.                

However, if you study more closely, it will become evident this place is full of life, inhabited by many small living beings, both marine and terrestrial. The landscape itself is also ever changing, at dusk it transforms from golden yellow to an inky darkness, and the sky reveals countless stars. It is as if the Matama Beach was a universe of its own.  

The endless changing the shapes on the tidal beach stir my imagination. Matama Beach itself is not a  venue often visited by photographers, but I had an immense pleasure working around it.  

As the ocean levels rise, we are losing many tidal beaches in Japan, which made me want to contemplate about the ephemeral beauty of this tidal cradle, it's non-human population, and share my experiences.

Michiko Seike

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大分県の豊後高田市に真玉海岸という小さな干潟があります。 夕日が美しいことで知られていますが、それ以外の時には訪れる人はなく、ただただひっそりと静かな場所です。

しかしこの場所には小さな生命が息づき、鳥達のドラマがあり、夕陽に映える黄金に輝く風景があり、夜には満天の星が広がり、まさに真玉海岸だ けの小さな宇宙がそこにあります。

そして干潟が織りなす造形美は私のイマジネーションをかき立てます。 けっして派手な美しさがあるわけではない被写体を、私だけの作品にする喜びを教えてくれました。



Location of the "MATAMA Beach"